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2021 Flood Response

2021 Flood Response
Posted on 02/15/2021
2021 Flood Response

02/12/21 | Preparation and resiliency is our focus for Flood Season 2021.

Our friends at the National Weather Service issued the first of three spring flood outlook briefings on February 11. With probabilities ranging from 10 to 25% for exceeding 16 FT at this time, it appears we will see relatively low inconvenience and challenge from the Mississippi River this year. Keep in mind the forecast is early, but rest assured - we are ready for whatever comes our way.

Improvements to the flood plan have been made and being the resilient community we are here in #Davenport, we are preparing for all conditions that might arise. And, if you are a property or business owner in the floodplain, you should prepare too. Watch for information on upcoming virtual education sessions in March.  Topics covered will include how to interpret Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and changes to current maps and discussion on flood insurance, how to lower premiums, mitigation measures, and things every property owner can do to reduce their flood risk. 

Like any big city, Davenport has had hard times. But, as history has demonstrated, we’re also resilient, emerging from hardship with more strength, courage, and knowledge to prepare us for the future.  Completion of the Flood Study in the fall, and subsequent action, will better equip our community for what is next, no matter what the river level. Keep an eye out for public input session two in late March.

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